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Hops production is strong with good demand

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are a fan of any products made with hops, you will be happy to know that production is really… hopping (pun intended). The crop is doing well out in the Pacific Northwest.

We often talk about corn and soybeans. I thought it would be a good day for us to learn about crops in another region of the United States, which many of us are familiar with. According to Jaki Brophy with the Washington Hops Commission, hops grown in Washington state had a pretty decent year, despite a few challenges.

Brophy says demand has leveled off after years of growth. Producers aren’t too alarmed. Production remains solid.

Brophy says the silver lining is while hops demand has leveled domestically, demand is growing internationally. This is welcomed news when production is strong. Having a market to continue moving a crop means less carry-over between years.