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HiBid.com gives you access to live auctions across the U.S. or across the street

Photo courtesy of HiBid.com

It isn’t just the pandemic that has us changing the way we do things, but it is certainly hit the accelerator on our use of technology to be somewhere virtually. The ideas of an online marketplace or online bidding are nothing new, but we are seeing a new way of taking the experience a step further to helping your local economy and benefitting your neighbors directly. A site called HiBid.com is connecting users to actual auctions happening in your neighborhood, state, or across the country.

Audio: Full interview with Kris Kennedy of HiBid.com

Kris Kennedy is with HiBid.com. He talks about how the site pairs bidders and auctioneers in two ways. One is like the format we are used to seeing on sites like eBay, or by getting you linked in to live auction feeds where you can bid in a traditional format.

Kennedy says that HiBid.com is set apart from other auction sites, they use progressive bidding. They keep their auctions going as long as there are bids happening.

The main HiBid.com website will take you to their nationwide site, but if you are looking for bids closer to home, they have state and regional sites as well. In our state, you would go to Iowa.HiBid.com. The sites also have keyword and zip code-based searches, so you can look for items relatively close to you.

Anything that you would see on a typical auction can be bought and sold on HiBid.com. There are auctions for jewelry, household items, machinery, vehicles, and even land on the site.

Kennedy encourages you to take a look at HiBid.com and see how easy it is to still attend local auctions from the comfort and safety of your own home.