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Helping women in agriculture in developing countries

Senator Joni Ernst, keynote speaker, addresses crowd at World Food Prize Hall of Laureates Tuesday March 29, 2016. Photo Credit: Ben Nuelle

by Ben Nuelle

Women make up 43 % of the agriculture labor force in developing countries.

Dr.  Norman Borlaug recognized not only the importance of women in agriculture in the U.S. but across the globe. Senator Joni Ernst spoke about the importance of Women and Agriculture: The Road to Global Security Tuesday night at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates.

She says challenges are all around us with women in agriculture.

“Access and gaining support from members like the United States and other countries and elevating women in developing countries will be extremely important. It is something Norman Borlaug was very supportive as well. So we do see so many women who are mentioned throughout this amazing hall because Norman recognized the importance of women in agriculture. Not just in the United States when it was a developing country but worldwide as well.”

Ernst says she lives by four pillars. Risk, Leadership, Service, and Gratitude. She says we can help by offering our service.

“Through whatever services we can provide through our agricultural assistance to other countries by encouraging women to really challenge themselves through agriculture or being small business owners. We need to provide that service to our communities.”

The Women in Agriculture event also celebrated Dr. Norman Borlaug’s 102nd birthday and International Women’s Day.