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Hearing held on the state of the farm economy

Photo Courtesy of the House Agriculture Committee

We could run down a very long list of what farmers are needing as we start the 2019 growing season. That is just what one House Ag sub-committee did on Thursday. They got an earful from many farmers.

The hearing on the state of the farm economy had one simple message, “The farm economy stinks, and nobody seems to want to help.” Representative Austin Scott (R-GA 8th) addressed the disconnect between what the President says he will do to help farmers, and then what actually happens.

While disaster aid is essential, farmers also testified we need markets.

Producers told the committee that while market facilitation payments helped a little, they aren’t even close to the income lost due to trade disputes.

The committee agreed fixes need to be made, but then quickly shifted blame to everyone else, including the Congress as a whole and the White House. Makes you wonder if the message was truly received.