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Having a good partnership with your seed salesman

by Ben Nuelle

Farmers want good partnerships with their seed salesmen. One company prides itself in being right beside the grower every step of the way. Earlier this month, I caught up with Ryan Grable of Channel Seed and grower Casey Rush of St. Louis, Missouri at the 2016 Commodity Classic. Grable says there are many benefits to Channel Seed’s check-up series.

“We’re trying to learn more about the customers individual and each individual field. Knowing what their challenges are and what their wants and desires are in a product and how it performs. Through the field check-up series, we can do that by being in their farms and fields from emergence, to vegetative growth, to the reproductive phase and even into maturity. The entire time we evaluate the product performance and look for disease, weed pressure, and insect pressure so we can help that farmer place our products on their farm to give them highest possibility for success,” Grable says.

Grower Casey Rush says the check-up series works well.

“For example, last year I was out spraying and saw a bug I did not recognize. Took a picture of and sent it to Ryan and he was out there the next day looking through the field getting a count on how many bugs there were and told me if I needed to spray or not. Having Ryan as a partner is having another set of eyes that knows what they are looking for,” Rush says.