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Harvest is moving slow but steady

by Ben Nuelle

Iowa farmers harvested around 30 percent of Iowa’s corn crop and around 60 percent of soybeans last week. Corn harvest is four days behind last year and one week behind average. Soybeans are six days behind average.

“Iowa’s corn and soybean harvest is moving forward, but remains fairly slow due to the damp weather and periodic rain,” Northey said.  “The 33 percent of corn and 62 percent of beans that have been combined remain behind the 5-year average. Several days of dry weather would be very helpful and allow farmers to make significant progress on both corn and bean harvest.”

Fieldwork was slowed by damp, foggy conditions but farmers were able to make some harvest progress during the 5.2 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending October 16, 2016, according the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service.