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Handling nitrogen loss during the planting season

Spring corn planting in 2021 (IARN Stock Photo)

The planting season in Iowa is drawing ever nearer to a close. In many areas of the state, it is still dry. Some areas have gotten a few showers, and a few places received residual heavy rains from the frog stranglers that hit southern Minnesota two weeks ago. If you have experienced weather delays or less-than-ideal planting conditions, you may want to double-check that you have the proper amount of nitrogen fertilizer available for getting your crops off to a good start.

Jared Goplen is with Wyffels Hybrids, and he talks to us about the importance of getting out there and double-checking your nitrogen levels, even if you don’t think you will need it. He explains how quickly denitrification can make things head south.

Goplen talks about what you need to do to double-check your nitrogen levels, and how to put a reliable amount back on that won’t be harmful to the environment around you.

If you are curious about your nitrogen levels, talk to your trusted certified crop advisor. You can learn more about Wyffels Hybrids by visiting their website.