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GROWMARK working to educate government officials on ag issues

Photo Courtesy of Growmark

There are a lot of question marks surrounding agriculture policy, currently, in the United States. Biofuels, marketing and trade, stepped-up basis, inheritance taxes, water quality, and so much more. Many of these decisions are made by people who have little to no understanding of how their choices will affect the day-to-day life of American farmers. That is why it is important for companies like GROWMARK FS to have the ear of lawmakers, and to take the time to show them what is being done in the arena of American agriculture.

Liz Hobart is Government Relations Manager for GROWMARK FS. During the Farm Progress Show, they hosted an assortment of politicians. From State Ag Directors to Governor, Lt. Governors, and U.S. Congresspeople, there was no shortage of decision-makers in and out of the GROWMARK tent.

Hobart says that by having the technology on hand for lawmakers, they can better illustrate how farmers are working to improve their methods and use of different products. She says that lawmakers need to understand that there must be a way for farmers to also remain profitable.

Hobart says that they are also talking about energy concerns. With the harvest season approaching, propane availability is a foremost concern for producers. Also making sure there is a strong supply of needed fuels both for farmers and consumers.

Hobart encourages farmers to reach out to their local FS retailer and talk about the difference they can make in your operation. You can also discover the message that GROWMARK is providing lawmakers, and how you can help to tell that story to others.

For more information, visit the GROWMARK website.