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Growmark: Setting farmers up for success

The 2019 crop season got off to a bad start, and United States farmers and ranchers are now hoping to wrap things up before frost sets in. No matter how this year ends, there is still hope for next year. 

An agricultural cooperative is working to set farmers up for success, ahead of the 2020 crop season.

The 2019 Farm Progress Show offered visitors a taste of agriculture’s future. Growmark had several innovative technologies on display at this year’s show in Decatur, IL, making producers more aware of these new efforts. 

David Powell, senior agronomy services manager with Growmark, speaks to the featured innovations. He also shares how such improvements will benefit Midwest farmers.

“I’ve been talking a lot about next year and the technologies we can bring, whether that is aerial imagery or soybean technology to help manage weeds in the field,” Powell said. “I think that’s what the FS system brings. We’re trying to focus on helping growers be sustainable and profitable for many years to come.”

One can achieve success by planning ahead, according to Powell. 

Powell realizes fall harvest can be time consuming, which is why he suggests producers start planning now, before this year’s crops reaches maturity. Powell says it is important to focus on all aspects of production, however, he encourages farmers to pay close attention to weed control.

“One thing I talk a lot about as a weed scientist is fall herbicides,” Powell said. “Many of us are utilizing fall herbicides, but we didn’t get to last year because of the wet fall, which meant that we dealt with weeds like marestail this spring. By getting a fall herbicide (put on) this year and letting us help you do that in an economical manner could help us start with clean fields early this spring.”

Powell says producers also see great returns from use of fungicides and biologicals.

“Fungicide applications have been paying off quite a bit. We have a lot of new biologicals, which I urge everyone to look at and see what fits the needs on their farm. The best thing about the FS system is we have local FS crop specialists; they are experts for the geography. No matter where you are, they can help you maximize the potential of your acres,” Powell said.