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Growmark FS offers opportunities for FFA students

Photo Courtesy of Growmark

As I walked amongst a sea of blue corduroy at the 2019 Iowa FFA leadership Conference in Ames, I witnessed a very diverse group of individuals. However, all these individuals were focused on one thing, the future. During uncertain times in agriculture, this is a breath of fresh air.

Audio: Full Interview with Kayla Portwood of Growmark FS

Making my way through the career show at the convention, I had the chance to speak with many companies and organizations who were excited about this bright future in agriculture. One of these companies was Growmark FS. Growmark’s Kayla Portwood discussed some of the opportunities they were sharing with FFA students at the convention.

Portwood highlights the fact that not all agriculture-related jobs mean you are working in the fields and barns. Many companies need those business professionals as well.

The future of agriculture seems to be in the hands of young people who are willing to put in the work to advance the industry.