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Growers excited about Trivapro fungicide

Photo Courtesy of Syngenta US


A global agribusiness is helping farmers increase plant health through an enhanced fungicide.

AUDIO: Eric Tedford, Syngenta

Syngenta released its Trivapro fungicide formulation in 2017. The product contains three active ingredients: strobilurin, triazole and SDHI chemistry, Solatenal. Eric Tedford, technical product lead for Syngenta, says is a step-up from Quilt Xcel.

“Trivapro is better than Quilt Xcel in the sense that it adds to the growers bottomline,” Tedford said. “It has three active ingredients – two preventive, one curative. It’s extremely powerful, really potent and it lasts a long time. We talk about Trivapro providing long-lasting activity – lasting longer, working harder. It’s all about that additional of Solatenal.”

Tedford visited with farmers at the 2018 Farm Progress Show. He says growers expressed excitement about this product, especially when it came to yield and plant health benefits.

“It’s interesting to stand here and have people come up and say, ‘I got a higher yield benefit than what you’re showing here in your average.’ The results really speak for themselves in terms of disease control,” Tedford said.

“The nice benefit is in areas where disease pressure is not high, we get plant health benefits from two of the active ingredients in the mix,” Tedford said. “We keep plants greener, allowing the plant to photosynthesize and utilize the sun’s energy to bulk up the yield. We also improve stalk quality. Stalk quality is extremely important when we think about keeping the plants up, reducing lodging, improving harvest efficiency. All of these go into helping growers improve their return on investment.”

Syngenta compared Trivapro to untreated checks. Trial results indicate an 18.5 bushel increase in corn and a 7.3 bushel increase in soybeans.