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Growers Edge has comprehensive farm information at your fingertips

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We are definitely in an information age. We are gathering information from every facet of our lives and hoping the data can tell us how to do things better. We are gathering so much information that we need information on how to process that information. Farming is no different. We receive information from our planters, our tractors, our combines, and so many more places. We are constantly trying to make sense of it all. But when you are considering all these different types of information for your farm to be processing remember one thing; the most important bits of information have not changed over the decades of farming. The most important pieces of information a farmer needs are the prices for your commodities, how much grain you still have, and what is the weather looking like. Now you can have all that information right at your fingertips courtesy of Growers Edge.

Theresa Linkletter of Growers Edge tells us about the tools you can use through their website or the apps you can download to your mobile devices. It gives you cash prices at your local elevator, futures prices, market commentary, weather, news and so much more.

The Growers Edge platform has seen some fantastic upgrades over their previous offering, especially where the cash bids are concerned. Linkletter goes through some of those changes.

The platform also lets you add your bins to your profile, so you can keep track of how much grain you have stored and where you have moved it from already. It helps keep things organized when you are making marketing decisions on the fly.

All this information on your computer, tablet, or phone sounds amazing. If I know farmers, they are interested in knowing how much a product like this will cost for them to use. After all, input costs are tight, and many producers don’t have a lot of extra cash to be throwing around for another data tool. Linkletter runs down the pricing structure for the Growers Edge tools. You should be able to make this work, no matter your budget.

Yup, it’s free.

To learn more about the Growers Edge tools, log on to their website.