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Grassley to respectfully vote “NO” on Farm Bill

Photo Courtesy of Senator Grassley's Office

The Farm Bill has come out of Conference Committee. It has been signed. It is now on the way to the House and Senate to be voted on. However, one Iowa lawmaker has already committed to voting against this important piece of ag legislation.

Senator Chuck Grassley talked about the Farm Bill’s passage out of Conference Committee. He was disappointed his amendment to limit subsidy payments was once again kept out of the final bill.

Grassley made comments on how close he has come to getting his reforms, in the past, only to have them fail in Conference Committee.

Grassley says he has made the difficult decision to vote against the bill, or risk looking like he is not serious about the reforms he’s lobbied for in the last three bills.

Grassley stated that he commends Senate Ag Chairman Pat Roberts on the hard work he has put in. Grassley made it clear that while he cannot bring himself to vote yes, on a matter of principle, he respects Roberts and the job he has done.

Senator Grassley quipped that nobody knows where they will be by the time the next Farm Bill comes up for debate. He says he is always going to be looking at any available avenue for getting his subsidy payment reforms.