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Grassley to meet with U.S. Trade Rep. Nominee

by Ben Nuelle

Senator Chuck Grassley will meet with President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. Trade Representative Wednesday.

Trump nominated Robert Lighthizer as U.S. Trade Representative.

Grassley says he worked with Lighthizer when Grassley was a junior member of the U.S. Senate.

“I consider him to have great knowledge about trade. He was deputy U.S. Trade Representative under President Reagan. He’s most recently been practicing trade law. When we have these meetings, I try to tell them my position on certain things or get some information out of him.”

He says he will ask Lighthizer about specifics regarding the incoming administration’s trade agenda.

“It’s no secret the topic of trade was a lightning rod during the campaign and kind of a lightning rod since the campaign as you have heard almost daily President-elect Trump saying various things about trade particularly in automobiles. But as we know trade is critically important to agriculture and the state of Iowa.”

Grassley wants to know how Lighthizer interprets what Trump wants him to do.

He adds he’s going into the meeting with a positive attitude based on his experience with Lighthizer 30 years ago.