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Grassley talks need to avoid another government shutdown

There is still a looming chance the government could shut back down this week. The three-week “grace period” is coming to an end. Is there enough of an agreement on border security to halt the government from closing its doors for the second time in less than two months?  

During his weekly Ag press conference, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said that a government shutdown needs to be avoided. He said it appears a conference committee has reached an agreement in principle. Grassley stated Congress can not shirk its responsibilities.

The previous shutdown lasted 35 days, and seriously put a final year-round E15 rule behind schedule. President Trump authorized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow the year-round sale of the blend. However, some are starting to think the agency is dragging its feet. Ethanol advocates say the clock is ticking on EPA to get the job done before the 2019 summer driving season.

Senator Grassley mentioned there was anticipation a rule could be rolled out for a 30-day comment period by the end of the month. Of course, this is just an estimation. A second government shutdown could end all that. Grassley said, “It is easy for me to say even with another shutdown, we would still have time. We’ve been told the last shutdown affected it. It looks like there’s still time.”