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Grassley talks Farm Bill movement and his amendment

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley addressed the media during his weekly agriculture call on Tuesday. He addressed the movement of the Farm Bill in the United States Senate and the future of his proposed amendment.

On Monday evening the Senate voted to move on with getting the Farm Bill to the floor as early as Tuesday.

Grassley is hoping to be able to offer his amendment concerning farm subsidy limits.

Grassley says that he has assurances from Senate Ag Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) that his amendment will be heard.

When asked for his response to House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway’s (R-TX 11th) statement saying the reforms Grassley is looking for with his amendment were addressed in 2016, Grassley voiced his disagreement.

It is now all in the hands of the Senate as they move to get a farm bill passed and move on to a conference committee with the House.