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Grassley supports Pruitt despite RFS

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt continues to hand out waivers for the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) to big oil companies. The latest to get a waiver in his May Day basket was billionaire Carl Icahn’s CFR Energy. Icahn is a former advisor to President Donald Trump. His refinery conveniently sits in Pruitt’s home state of Oklahoma.

In his weekly press conference with the Ag media on Tuesday, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said the continued mismanagement of hardship waivers is undermining President Trump’s promises.

Grassley said that while he can’t speak to Pruitt’s motives, it certainly appears Pruitt is intentionally undermining the RFS.

The Senator says that Pruitt is breaking his promise to Grassley and other lawmakers to support the RFS.

Grassley says that even though he believes Pruitt is “screwing the family farmer and helping very rich refineries”, he doesn’t think that Pruitt should be removed. Grassley says he supports nearly every other decision Pruitt has made. Grassley adds with “Democrats constant filibustering, we don’t have time for another confirmation hearing on the Senate floor”.