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Grassley says Supreme Court nominee is for deregulation

Senator Chuck Grassley, who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee, says the new supreme court justice nominee stands up against over-regulation. President Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch as supreme court justice Tuesday night. The event took place at the White House.
Senator Grassley says farm folks should have nothing to worry about with Gorsuch.

“I think people that fear too much government regulation and Waters of the U.S. as an example, I think they will be very relieved with a guy like Gorsuch is coming from.”

There’s been talks of the Democrats filibuster to block the nominee.
Grassley says this nominee should get the same consideration as ones before.

“We are going to consider that Trump get the same consideration that Republicans gave Clinton in the first term. Two judges came up and we did not filibuster. Obama had the same thing, two judges were up and we did not filibuster. This president should have the same considerations. We aren’t even thinking about having to change the rules of the Senate.”

He adds the situation with President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, was different.

“They cannot punish me for Merrick Garland for the reason I was following the Biden Rule. Secondly, I announced way before my re-election, I was going to pursue processing judges for the Supreme Court whether Hillary was elected or Trump was elected.”

Grassley plans to meet with Gorsuch soon.