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Grassley recaps the year for agriculture

Senator Chuck Grassley looked back on the year of 2018. While he saw work which still needs to be done, he said he was pleased with what has been accomplished. The Senator celebrated took some time to make note of what he calls, ÔÇťachievements Congress on made on behalf of agriculture. While Grassley reminded reporters while he took issue with subsidies in the new Farm Bill, he was pleased with other areas the legislation addressed.

Grassley also stated he was pleased with changes made from the side of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), especially with concerns to year-round sales of E15 and the Water of the United States (WOTUS) rule.

However, it should be noted that while there has been an order to allow year-round E15, EPA has still not released a rule for public comment, and the summer driving season is a few months away.

Grassley also said while he was skeptical of renegotiating trade pacts, at first, he has been pleased with the new agreements reached.

Grassley is confident China and the United States will reach a deal.