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Granular, Pioneer Agronomy release digital planting guide

Photo courtesy of granular.ag (Corteva Agriscience)

Granular and Pioneer Agronomy, both cornerstones of Corteva Agriscience, have joined forces to create a first of its kind digital planting guide for U.S. farmers.

Casey Onstot is the U.S. Commercial Leader for Digital at Corteva Agriscience. He says this state-specific planting guide brings together the best of Pioneer Agronomy expertise plus more than 5 million acres of Granular and Corteva data and insights.

“The planting guide is a free tool that every farmer needs for a profitable plant in 2021,” Onstot said. “Growers have one shot at planting each year and need an easy way to know when to plant their corn and bean crops, at what depth and population to ensure the highest yield and lowest risk. Taking a myth busting approach, our guide highlights the expertise of the Pioneer Agronomy team and backs up that expertise with benchmark data from Granular and provides actual insights for farmers as they move into this planting season.”

Pioneer Agronomy Manager Dr. Mary Gumz says the digital planting guide is designed to address three different questions.

“From an agronomic standpoint, there are several key questions that every farmer weighs before planting season,” Gumz said. “When should I start? What should my population be? What should my planting depth be? While there is a general consensus amongst farmers that starting as soon as possible is often best, there are still questions about which crop to plant first and when to start. Your ideal seeding rate and seeding depth can vary widely depending on which expert you are listening too, the hybrid or variety selected, your soil type, typography and climate. As a primary feature of this guide, we took a deep myth busting approach to the three questions I just mentioned.”

To view the 2021 digital planting guide, click here. Corteva Agriscience unveiled the new planting guide at this year’s virtual Commodity Classic.