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Governor: Rural broadband and state tax reform coming

AUDIO: Governor Kim Reynolds, Condition of the State speech

Governor Kim Reynolds announces a rural Iowa initiative to help rural communities across the state. Reynolds listed several goals in her condition of the state speech Tuesday morning at the Iowa capitol, and improving rural Iowa is a high priority.

“This new initiative will promote investment and connect rural Iowa by expanding broadband capabilities in every single corner of this state. Our goal is to bring home Iowa’s sons and daughters and grow the next generation of community leaders,” Reynolds said.

She also proposed tax reform for the state.

“When the federal government cuts taxes for farmers and small businesses, Iowa raises taxes on farmers and small businesses. That is not just a hypothetical, it is what will happen if we don’t act,” Reynolds said.

She says her tax reform package significantly reduces rates, modernizes the tax code, eliminates federal deductibility. “This provides real tax relief for middle-class families, farmers, and small businesses,” Reynolds said.

Another item is signing a long-term water quality funding bill into law this legislative session.

“Improving water quality is a shared goal of Iowans. Urban and rural stakeholders have worked collaboratively making great strides. My hope is a water quality bill is the first piece of legislation that I have an opportunity to sign as governor,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is the state’s 43rd governor and first woman told hold the job.