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Governor Reynolds participates in Energy Week

President Trump welcomed governors and leaders of American Indian tribes to the White House, as the nation recognizes Energy Week.

Governor Kim Reynolds travelled to Washington D.C. Wednesday to speak to President Donald Trump at a White House energy event. At the event, Reynolds noted Iowa’s energy innovation.

“We have a solid track record of smart investments in a diversified energy portfolio,” Reynolds said. “We invested early in biofuels and tapped Iowa’s richest natural resource – our fields. Now, we lead the industry.”

Governor Reynolds also mentioned Iowa becoming the national leader in wind-energy generation and how Iowans reaped the benefits with some of the lowest electric rates in the nation. In conclusion, Reynolds thanked President Trump for his commitment to work with states, and said Iowa will continue its energy efforts.

“We want to take our renewable generation to the next level by converting Iowa’s abundant biomass resources (animal waste, farming byproducts, industrial waste) into energy,” Reynolds said.

Throughout the week, President Trump outlined the steps taken the past five months in efforts to claim “energy dominance” on a global scale, such as: removing unnecessary and burdensome roadblocks.

Tomorrow, President Trump plans to speak at the Energy Department.