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Governor Reynolds joins midwestern governors on biofuels push

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds delivers her annual Condition of the State Address on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. (Photo by Iowa PBS)

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association called last month “an April to remember.” We saw great strides made for biofuels, in-state, and across the nation. Last month President Biden visited Menlo, IA to announce an emergency order allowing E15 sales to be sold this summer. That was one step in the right direction for allowing year-round choice at the pump.

However, many midwestern lawmakers on both sides of the aisle think there is more to be done. That is why Governor Kim Reynolds is helping lead an effort by midwestern governors to change biofuels policy. A letter to the EPA and the administration calls on a caveat in the Clean Air Act that allows them to make decisions for their states, that the Federal government seems to be balking on.

Monte Shaw is Executive Director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, and he talks about the move being made by these midwestern state leaders. The governors have the authority to regulate E15 the same way as E10, which allows for year-round sales.

Shaw adds that he doesn’t think that there is any way that the EPA can go against this plan, because the wording of the Clean Air Act is clear on where state governors have authority.

Not only is Shaw confident that these requests will be approved, but he is also equally confident that big oil will sue. While he thinks there is no leg for them to stand on in a challenge, he also says you can’t rule out a judge that doesn’t do their homework.

Yeah, we are looking right at you Federal Circuit Court of the District of Columbia.