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Governor Reynolds discusses flood damage to levee system

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

It has been 6 weeks since the flooding began to ravage Southwestern Iowa. Pacific Junction is still trying to get water out of the city. Governor Kim Reynolds sat down with me to discuss where things are sitting six weeks later.

Audio: Full Interview with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds 

Governor Reynolds and I talked at length about the situation as it stands along the Missouri River Valley. The Governor cited the damage to the levee system.

With that much damage, there isn’t anything to protect the people if we were to receive another significant rain event. Governor Reynolds tells us that she is working with the Army Corps of Engineers, and they have identified where they are going to start making repairs first.

Governor Reynolds has been working with her fellow governors in the Missouri River Valley. They are looking at what their options are for the future and working on changing the priorities for the Corps of Engineers.

This is just one part of the big picture when it comes to the recovery for Southwest Iowa. Not only is there Physical damage to repair, but there is also much emotional strain which still needs to be attended to.