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Governor Kim Reynolds decrees Iowa fleets to run B20 biodiesel

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signs biodiesel executive order. Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds addressed Tuesday’s luncheon at the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention. She gave her support to Iowa’s producers. She also signed an executive order decreeing that all Iowa diesel vehicles purchased from this date forward will be capable of using B20 blended biodiesel.

Audio: Full Interview with Grant Kimberly of the Iowa Biodiesel Board

Governor Reynolds made and signed the biodiesel order right in front of all the farmers in attendance.

David May of the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) says the DOT has long been a supporter of Iowa’s biodiesel industry, and this order just sets its principles in stone.

May says he has been advocating the use of biodiesel to his counterparts across the country. Tuesday’s proclamation just adds the official backing to drive that message around the country.

Iowa Biodiesel Board Executive Director Grant Kimberly says this declaration sends a strong message to original equipment manufacturers to get on board because we are going to see more states make moves like Iowa.

Kimberly says biodiesel, like ethanol, is adding value to agricultural products and waste products which is beneficial to the bottom line of Iowa farmers.

Kimberly says that he sees this kind of proclamation spreading throughout the United States. He says that this will help drive the market for biodiesel and, in turn, drive the demand for higher blends. Kimberly added there is no ceiling for biodiesel.

You heard him. We could be seeing B100 coming down the pipeline and used. It may even be happening sooner than you think. But, more on that later.

Audio: David May of the Iowa DOT