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Good Friday

Friday April 14, 2017

Growing up I always wondered how this Friday can be anything but good.  I always asked why isn’t it called bad Friday?

For people who were closest to Jesus that day, it was a really bad Friday. The disciples were alone. They were afraid because their friend, their mentor, their Jesus was gone from their lives in an instant.

I can’t imagine that feeling. Hopeless. Alone. Uncertain. Scared. Doubtful. Angry. Despair. Tears. Sadness. He just left. Sacrificially and willingly- and the world was dark.

Jesus gave His life so that all of humanity could live. That is what makes it a GOOD Friday!

We no longer have to feel what the disciples felt. Once and for all, those feelings were buried with His body.

We know He is near, He is alive and He is fighting for us always, rejecting our hopelessness in this life and promising that Sunday is coming.

However, too often we run past Friday so that we can get to Sunday.

Slow down. Remember. Soak in the goodness of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Do not run to the resurrection without tasting death. Walk with Christ, not past Him.


Prayer: Jesus, thank you for the goodness of this Friday. Thank you for dying for me with arms stretched open. Help me to relish in your sacrifice today and everyday. Thank you for Friday, and thank you that Sunday is coming.”

-Whitney Flach