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Golden Harvest excited to again offer Enlist E3 soybeans

Photo courtesy of Golden Harvest

U.S. soybean growers face limited weed control options. However, one specific offering presents significant opportunities for effective weed management.

Golden Harvest is excited to once again offer Enlist E3 soybeans. Stephanie Porter, Golden Harvest soybean product manager, shares Enlist E3 soybeans remain among the company’s top performing products.

“It’s been a critical part of our soybean portfolio. We have a good handle of our line up. We’ve done our own research, as well as trials, (and) they’ve proved themselves to be top-of-the-line against our other top-of-the-line products like Xtend,” Porter says.

Golden Harvest recognizes growers will be in search of additional weed management options, especially with vacated dicamba labels. Porter says, “Those options start with seed.”

“I would carefully consider your soybean choice next year,” Porter says. “We have plenty of yield data; I know many people look at yield first. Secondly, think about your weed program. With the Enlist E3 program, we have excellent yield potential, as well as agronomics, superior application flexibility, and different tank mix options.”

Golden Harvest will offer the robust weed control system, ahead of the 2021 growing season. Porter says, “There is plenty of product to go around.”

“I recently compared the Enlist E3 across the entire U.S. against our competitors, as well as other products within our lineup. We have an Enlist E3 lineup that is equal, if not above competitor products. We feel confident in the Enlist E3 performance, as well as the flexible weed management program.”

For more information on Enlist E3 soybeans, visit goldenharvestseeds.com.