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Golden Harvest Agronomist talks NW Iowa corn

Photo courtesy of Golden Harvest

The last few years have been a challenge in the western parts of Iowa. Flooding and drought highlighted some of the blows Mother Nature has landed as of late. The droughts have been hanging around for a few years now, and many people in the area hardly remember what excess water even looks like anymore. But, in that drought, farmers continue to do what farmers do best; grow a crop. Even in the face of what should be an utter failure, we are seeing the yields stay decent. It is a testament to what farmers have learned and a testament to the science that is helping us produce under challenging circumstances.

Ron Beyer is a Golden Harvest Agronomist in the northwestern part of the state, near Spencer. As we talk about the corn side of the equation today, we first ask how things are looking in his region of the state. An area that has been quite dry through the growing season. Beyer said that he was quite surprised by what he has seen.

Beyer says that the conditions this spring made it possible to get corn planted in a timely fashion. The mid-spring rains did not slow them down as much.

Of course, drought tolerance starts with genetics. Beyer talks about the Golden Harvest Corn Hybrids that stood out in 2022.

That was Golden Harvest Agronomist Ron Beyer.