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Goat Crossfit is sweeping the nation

When I find farmers that I want to feature on Farm & Country Radio, it’s easy to find a corn, soybean or wheat grower. As much as I enjoy visiting with them about crops and such, I equally enjoy introducing listeners to farmers that they may never get to meet otherwise.

DaNelle Wolford is a prime example. She and her family have a 1-acre working farm in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Wolford’s Weed ‘Em & Reap Farm has your typical urban garden that the family harvests fruits and veggies from daily. She also has some livestock on the farm, including chickens and lambs that are raised for meat.

One of the first animals on the farm was a goat that Wolford hoped to keep around for its milk. When that goat arrived, Wolford had no experience with farm animals and didn’t even know how to milk a goat. So, she used the only tool she could think of that was readily available…her breast pump.

Now, years of experience and hilarious stories later, Wolford came up with yet another use for her livestock. She had heard of different ways goats were being used to market farms across the country, including goat cuddling (yes that is a thing) and goat yoga (I’m not kidding…no pun intended). So, Wolford thought the next best thing would be Goat Crossfit. Even though this whole idea was put together with tongue in cheek, the video went viral almost instantly, so you can bet that there will be a class near you very soon!