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GMO legislation heads to the Senate

by Ben Nuelle

Biotechnology Labeling bill or “GMO labeling” legislation receives bipartisan support from Senate Agriculture Committee in Tuesday’s mark up. The chairman’s mark on Biotechnology Labeling Solutions passed the Senate Agriculture Committee 14-6. The bill would create a national solution for a state-by-state patchwork of biotechnology labeling laws.

“It is clear that what we’re facing today is not a safety or health issue. It is a market issue,” said Chairman Pat Roberts.“This is really a conversation about a few states dictating to every state the way food moves from farmers to consumers in the value chain. We have a responsibility to ensure that the national market can work for everyone, including farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.”

The bill now heads to the full Senate.

The legislation has the support of more than 650 farmers, cooperatives, agribusinesses, processors, seed makers, handlers, food and feed manufacturers, lenders, and retailers.

The U.S. House of Representatives last July passed legislation on this topic with a bipartisan vote of 275-150.

The Senate Agriculture Committee last October held a hearing on agriculture biotechnology with federal regulators and perspectives from producers and consumers – the first biotechnology hearing in 10 years. The hearing focused on science and the role of the regulatory system to help ensure a safe and affordable food supply for consumers at home and around the globe.

To read the legislation and to watch the hearing, click here.