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Glyphosate liability raises legal questions

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Recent court cases against Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide, as the alleged cause of cancer, have raised a lot of questions in rural America.

Most everyone disbelieves the herbicide, which we have used since the 1970’s, is a carcinogen, but juries in California are awarding huge sums to those who have shown evidence that their non Hodgkin’s lymphoma was caused by exposure to the glyphosate weed killer.

RoundUp is, without question, the most popular herbicide in history. However, juries have awarded over $80 million in one case charging the product causes cancer.

Should you as a landowner or farmer distance yourself from glyphosate?    

Dr. Roger McEowan serves as Kansas Farm Bureau Professor of Agricultural Law and Taxation.  He says landowners should consider writing contracts, which exclude liability for glyphosate herbicide.

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