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Glen Newcomer, April 24

We are off to a very slow start here in Northwest Ohio. I can only think of a handful of operators who have put any corn in the ground. I can only think of one operator who has put any soybeans in the ground. We had a good run last week. We completed a lot of spraying. We did some tillage work and we planted corn for one day last week. We are only about 5% done with everything we have to plant this spring so we have a long way to go. On average, we received over 1.5 inches of rain in our area on Thursday and Friday. There will not be any field work in my opinion this week. We are at a standstill.

We hit the spraying pretty hard for three days putting down pre-emerge products on our soybean acres that we plan to no-till. We did tillage for two days and the ground conditions were excellent last week.

I am not really concerned yet. Last week was about perfect to start. I wish we could have continued, but just getting some field operations done this early was a good feeling. We were fortunate to get some things done, but many in our area are still holding back because of the cold weather this weekend. We still have time and we still have the opportunity for a great crop. We just have to be patient and wait until the time is right.

There was some light frost over the weekend, but nothing has emerged at all around here. One operator planted some corn a week earlier that has sprouted but not emerged. It was nice that we had that window of opportunity to get the planter set and make sure everything was programmed correctly. It was nice to take the necessary time to be very particular about how everything was set up. Now we will be ready to roll when the time is right.