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Give the gift of livestock this holiday season

Photo courtesy of World Vision USA

This past year presented many hardships to folks in production agriculture. 

We are reminded, however, of how fortunate we are during the holiday season.

If you are listening to this report, you were fortunate to see another day. You were also provided the means to listen to this report, whether it be through a high-tech device or modern day vehicle. 

Remember that not all are fortunate, as you give thanks later this week.

May you also consider giving to those in need.

World Vision, a global Christian humanitarian organization, partners with children, families and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. It provides emergency disaster relief, among other forms of aid to residents of 100 countries, including the United States. Contributions support World Vision’s mission. They kindly ask you to consider giving a life-altering gift this holiday season.

“I’ve seen the difference it makes when they see an animal and (learn) how to take care of it, how to access veterinary care (and) help the animals breed/reproduce,” said Cheryl DeBruler, head of World Visions’s Gift Catalog Team. “It completely changes that families life, to go from surviving to thriving.”

World Vision offers 100+ gifts, ranging from water to help for exploited children. DeBruler encourages citizens to focus their giving on Giving Tuesday, where all donations will be matched by Thirty-One Gifts.

“Your gifts are going to have quite the impact. If you donate a goat, it’s going to have the impact of two goats,” DeBruler said. “For $25, you can donate two chickens to a family in need. You can donate a cow for $700. If the price is too steep and you want to donate a cow, you can donate a share for $75.”

World Vision also offers various animal packages, where donors can give an assortment of animals. For example, you can give 10 small animals – two rabbits, two chickens, and six ducks – for $125.

Give a gift; change a life by visiting https://donate.worldvision.org/giftcatalog