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Getting your corn across the finish line

Polk County, Iowa farm and cornfield. (Photo by Dustin Hoffmann)

The year seems to be flying by. It feels like we planted crops, blinked, and now corn is pollinating. Now is the time to be scouting your fields to see what you can do to help get that crop across the finish line. There are signs to look for which indicate nutrient deficiencies. It is not too late to get your corn fed for the home stretch and be thinking about how you can set yourself up better for next year.

Audio: Full Interview with Trystan Beyrer of The Mosaic Company

Tryston Beyrer is a Crop Nutrition Lead at The Mosaic Company. He says that going out and scouting your fields now is the best way to look for nutrient deficiencies. Some of these deficiencies may already be starting to lower your yields.

We may be seeing green fields, despite dry conditions. He says that may be because the plants are not moving their nutrients are not being mobilized down into the roots.

There are signs to be looking for when it comes to the deficiencies of different nutrients. You must be careful to analyze your plants because some deficiencies may look similar, but are not exactly the same. Beyrer lists a couple of those similar signs.

Beyrer says that you should also look at tissue and soil samples to verify your scouting, and catch possible deficiencies in micronutrients, which are not as easy to spot.

Beyrer says that our corn is only about half made. There is still time to get some of those nutrients applied to help these plants make it the rest of the way. He talks about how to get some of those nutrients onto the plant. You can top dress or use a foliar application. He cites Aspire® from The Mosaic Company as a good source of boron and other micronutrients.

The 2022 growing season starts as soon as 2021’s crops are out of the field. Beyrer talks about what you can do to improve your nutrient availability for next year.

For more information, consult with your crop advisor and talk with your local Mosaic retailer.