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Georgia Ag damages over $2 Billion from Hurricane Michael

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The cameras and news crews are gone. All that remains for Georgia farmers is the destruction left over from Hurricane Michael. Just where are things a few weeks later?

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Hurricane Michael hit Georgia on October 10th and 11th. The television crews are long gone, but the damage remains. Georgia crops took a large hit right at harvest time. Georgia Ag Commissioner Gary Black breaks it down for us.

This has been emotionally devastating as well. Some farmers were looking at the best cotton crop they had ever grown, only to have it become the third straight year of crop destruction. Pecan growers need decades to establish their groves. Trees were all but wiped out. This is affecting a cash crop whose market is already hurting as China is the number one buyer of pecans.

Black stresses that this is going to take time. Agriculture is just one part of the damaged community. But he stresses farmers to make documentation of who they talk to and when.

Georgia farmers only ask you remember them in your prayers and tell your own Congressional delegation to move on helping them as soon as possible.