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Vermont businesses aren’t ready to go on GMO labeling

by Ken Root and Whitney Flach Listen Here: Agribusiness Matters 7-6-16

Vermont is feeling the loss on over 3,000 products from its grocery shelves as the GMO Labeling Law goes into effect. The US Senate is trying to finish a mandatory labeling bill, but it’s current form but hurdles are still high and the bill is viewed by many as unworkable. The Senate, is expected to clear the super majority hurdle needed to limit debate and proceed to a vote this week on compromise mandatory GMO labeling.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, admits he was surprised by the labeling deal that cleared one hurdle last week by saying, “I never thought we would get a GMO solution, yet sometimes miracles happen.” The bill would also move to the House, which voted last year for voluntary GMO labeling. Grassley says, Senate Ag Chair Pat Roberts suggests the House’s options are just two.

In Vermont, Jim Harrison is President of the Vermont Retailers and Grocers Association, and he says most businesses who need to be in compliance with the law within state borders aren’t ready to go.