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From Pasture to Plate: Three Iowa Cattle Farm Families Share their Story

AMES, IA – On average, consumers are now three generations removed from the farm and are less familiar with where their food comes from and how it is raised. The Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) announces its launch of a series of videos to help tell the story of beef from pasture to plate. The first series of videos features three Iowa farm families. Each family’s story is unique and provides a small glimpse into cattle farming in Iowa.

The Bryan Flexsenhar family of Winthrop, Iowa in Buchanan County, opened their home and shared their family values of growing things. Bryan and Jessica operate their northeast Iowa farm with their four children. They raise beef cattle, swine, and engage in crop production. Bryan offers, “Growth is the most important thing here. Everything has to grow. Kids grow, garden grows, corn grows, soybeans grow, hay grows, gotta grow that stuff to feed to the cattle so they can grow. Growing things is number one here.”

The Hanrahan Ranch of Cumming, Iowa in Madison County shares the importance of cattle care and stewardship of the resources they are provided. Dan, with his parents Virginia and Richard, work towards leaving a legacy for the land to be better than when they started. “The best way I can describe stewardship is that we are fortunate to be caretakers for the time we have here. Always thinking, ‘what can I do to improve the ground? What can I do to improve the herd for those who come after me?’ It’s a responsibility for something larger than yourself”, says Dan of his vision for the farm.

Craig and Elaine Utesch family of Triple U Ranch in Washta, Iowa in both Cherokee and Woodbury counties, are passionate about the beef industry and proud of the cattle they raise to help feed their community and nation. Ensuring safety, quality, taste, and wholesome beef products for consumers is top of mind. “Probably the most important thing we do is to provide food for people throughout the nation. It is an incredible amount of responsibility but it is exactly the most important thing we do,” says Elaine of this important task for raising cattle. The video concludes with Craig describing what he does for a living and says, “We raise cattle, kids and corn. It’s what we do and we love what we do.”

The videos will be promoted by the Beef Checkoff Program to share the pasture to plate story of Iowa cattle farm families through digital advertising efforts and social media platforms. IBIC also plans to share the videos internationally.

“In sharing the beef story with consumers, we hope to build consumer trust and confidence in our product,” says Scott Heater, Chairman of IBIC. “It’s important to us that our consumers understand how beef is raised and where it comes from.”

To watch the farmer profile stories and to learn more about the families, visit www.iabeef.org.