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Former Ag Secretary Vilsack talks USMCA

Photo by Jenna Hoffman, Iowa Ag Radio Intern

We are looking at a bunch of dominoes waiting to go over. All of them represent a trade deal we need to finish up. There’s China, Japan, The European Union, and the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA). We are just waiting for one of the dominoes to tip. Former Ag Secretary and Former Governor of Iowa Tom Vilsack was in Urbandale to discuss USMCA

Audio: Full Interview with Former Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack 

I had the chance to talk one on one with Former Secretary Vilsack after his talk with Iowa commodity groups and farmers. The biggest take away I got from his talk the USMCA is not about a victory for one side of the aisle or the other or a victory for the White House. It is about securing a victory for the American farmer.

Vilsack says we are not just exporting agricultural goods. We are also trying to export the American brand of achievement and productivity.

Vilsack says when you are looking at trade agreements which are hundreds or even thousands of pages long, it is easy to find a couple of things you aren’t happy with. The key is looking at the positives you are getting out of the agreement as a whole and weigh it against the few things you do not like.

Vilsack is seeing a lot of potential energy in our myriad of trade negotiations. What he wants to see now is some kinetic energy. (See your local high school physics teacher.) We need to get the first domino to fall.

Vilsack feels the agreement has enough support to pass the Congress, it just needs to be sent up from the White House.