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Former Ag Secretary Praises Progress In Agriculture

by Ken Root 

Listen Here: Profit Matters 11-24-16

John Block has seen 81 Thanksgivings in his life as a farmer, soldier and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. His thanksgiving salute is more like a stern warning to those of us who are not thankful enough for being Americans. 

Block says, “Let’s just be thankful for our good fortune to be here in America this Thanksgiving weekend. This celebration dates back to our ancestors who settled this country. They didn’t have the comforts that we take for granted today. They were just thankful to have a roof over there head, and food to eat. We see people in other countries going hungry, some at war, home destroyed, the misery is more that we can imagine.”

Mr. Block’s numbers on the cost of food are statistically accurate and the cost of this year’s dinner for 10 people. Turkey and all the trimmings comes out to less than $50.00 total. That doesn’t consider the labor of preparing the meal nor washing the dishes nor transportation to the store.

I hope you will considered all those things worth doing to bring a feast to your family and friends.