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Food education group shows people how growers save money

by Ben Nuelle

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A food sustainability educational organization is focusing on two major projects to show how growers save money.

Roger Underwood is Chairman of the Crop Life Foundation.

“One is Prairie Strips. It is where we are taking precision technology and incorporating ways to grow crops on the most productive parts of your farm and actually not growing crops, like in an 80-acre field.

He says not growing crops on those parts of the farm that are not productive.

“They could be susceptible to erosion or have poor fertility. We’re going to use Prairie Strips to show how a grower can grow crops on those types of the field where they can make money.”

Underwood says the other project focuses on eliminating food waste.

“Most people think of food waste as what is wasted in the refrigerator, buffet or banquet but we are trying to bring the grower, farmer, producer right in the middle of that equation. We want to show people how the grower is doing a great job managing bins and using great technologies to make sure all the grain is picked out of the field and gets to the user in an efficient way.”

The CropLife Foundation is committed to advancing sustainable and public health through science and education.