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FMC’s Xyway fungicide approved for 2020 growing season

Photo Courtesy of FMC

Farmers need to look for any little edge that can get them an advantage in crop production. FMC has its 3RIVE 3D foam applicator system which has been giving farmers great results by using foam over liquid. It allows producers to cover more ground and reduce the amount of material wasted during application. Now they have a new fungicide product for the 3RIVE system.

FMC’s Matthew Wiggins talks about the new Xyway 3d fungicide product which has approval for 2020 use. Xyway provides season-long protection, from planting to black-layer

Getting a fungicide product into the 3RIVE 3D system allows producers to increase their effectiveness and their efficiency by using the foam application instead of straight liquid.

To learn more about FMC products like the 3RIVE 3D system and Xyway fungicide, log on to their website.