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FMC’s 3RIVE 3D maximizes inputs without reducing results

Photo Courtesy of FMC

Agriculture input costs are enough to make any producer a bit nervous. There are a whole host of application tools to help us get our crops off to a strong start and keep them strong through the growing season. However, what if you could stretch those inputs for your crops, without reducing their effectiveness? You would be interested, wouldn’t you? FMC has a solution for you.

FMC’s 3RIVE 3D is an application system that will turn your high-volume inputs into low-volume inputs, without reducing their strength. FMC’s Rick Ekins tells us it is all about converting liquid to foam.

Ekins says using foam is more effective than using the droplet system. The foam goes right in the furrow with the seed. There’s no worry of wind or machine movement knocking a droplet off course.

Ekins says the 3RIVE 3D adapts to any ground speed, and it keeps you in the field longer without having to stop and reload.

For more information on FMC’s 3RIVE 3D system, check out their website.