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FMC to launch Lucento fungicide at Agribusiness Showcase

Photo Courtesy of FMC Agricultural Solutions

Planting season will soon be upon us. Farmers must decide which inputs are worth their time, especially with tight profit margins. An agricultural company builds upon its fungicide portfolio, in strengthening product efficiency.

FMC Agricultural Solutions plans to launch its Lucento fungicide Wednesday at the 2019 Agribusiness Showcase & Conference. Brent Nueberger, senior technical sales manager for FMC Agricultural Solutions, says Lucento helps growers combat fungicide resistant diseases.

“A lot of fungicide premixes, in the past, have been a mix of  triazole and strobilurin,” Nueberger said. “We’re starting to see diseases, particularly Frogeye Leaf Spot, show resistance to those strobi chemistries. So you’re seeing this movement to more SDHIs in premixes. We have a combination of a triazole and new SDHI – that’s been looking good.”

Frogeye Leaf Spot is considered a “premier” soybean disease throughout the Midwest. Its “prevalence and severity has increased markedly” over the years, according to Purdue University. Nueberger shares the importance of having an effect control method.

“It’s going to give you the greatest yield response from a fungicide treatment, so controlling that is very important,” Nueberger said. “I hate to dwell too much on Frogeye because Lucento is going to be good on a wide array of diseases both in soybeans and corn, so we’re seeing excellent trial results across all of the Midwest with Lucento.”

FMC Agricultural Solutions reports better disease control and yield increases, after using Lucento. In using a SDHI fungicide, FMC Agricultural Solutions is adding efficacy to its premixes, according to Nueberger.

“We may be picking up, in soybeans, another bushel or two versus competitive treatments. Dependent, again, on which diseases are (present) and disease pressure,” Nueberger said. “(It’s) the same in corn. You’re going to see a little better performance than older premixes.”

For more information on Lucento, visit www.fmccrop.com or visit your local Star retailer.