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FMC introduces new insecticides Vantacor™ and Elevest™

Photo Courtesy of FMC

We always must stay ahead of the game and improve the techniques we use to protect our crops. Insects are just some of the many problems growers deal with in their fields. Those little varmints want to eat as much of your plants as they can, and they rob you of the yields you need to make a living. Companies like FMC must work hard to give you the tools you need to succeed. That is why they are proud to tell you about two new tools you can be using in 2021.

Audio: Full interview with John McCool of FMC

John McCool is the U.S. Product Manager for Insecticides for FMC. He talks about their new products. Both are powered by the active ingredient Rynaxypyr®.

McCool first tells us about Vantacor™. It delivers long-lasting worm control on various crops including corn, soybeans, and more. It has a lower use rate than their previous offering of Prevathon®.

Not only does it mean less usage of the product, but it also means fewer jugs needed, less hauling needed, and less time spent in tank mixing.

The second product they are unveiling is called Elevest™. It is a premixed product that they unveiled in the middle of 2020. It is a combination of Rynaxypyr® and bifenthrin. This gives you not only a weapon against some of the worms in your fields, but also control over more pests like stink bugs, plant bugs, and armyworms.  McCool tells us more about it.

McCool says that having different options available makes it easier for farmers to either specifically target a field with a single pest problem or go for the full umbrella of protection against multiple classes of insects. As always, you should consult with your crop advisor and your FMC retailer to have them help you devise a strategy that right for you and your needs. You can learn more about Vantacor™ and Elevest™ by visiting the FMC website.