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Flood victims have questions, Senator Ernst wants answers

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

With all the recent flooding in Western Iowa, there have been many questions about the Army Corps of Engineers’ handling of the flood control systems on the Missouri River. Wednesday, Senator Joni Ernst held an Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee field hearing in Glenwood to get some answers.

Audio: Full Interview with Iowa Senator Joni Ernst 

Senator Ernst felt the need to have this hearing in Iowa rather than in D.C., where those whose lives are affected by the floods could hear the answers directly.

Many people have wondered what the Corps of Engineers’ protocols are in these situations. Senator Ernst tells us what they learned in the hearing.

The Corps of Engineers also reported on what was simply out of their control in the days leading up to the flooding. However, there are issues that could have helped alleviate the situation before it became a disaster.

Senator Ernst says the next step that needs to happen is getting a disaster supplemental package through the Congress. This is needed for recovery and repair. Next, they can work with the Corps of Engineers to do all they can to prevent the preventable, and keep events like this from becoming part of these citizens’ lives.