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Flood chances do not diminish in Missouri River valley

Photo courtesy of Mills County EMA

2019 saw Mother Nature pack a wallop to the Missouri River valley in western Iowa. Citizens in the area are still trying to recover from flooding which happened way back in March. Levies have been breached, patched, breached again, and so on. Many residents would be excited to turn the page if 2020 was looking better. As of right now, it isn’t.

Scott Dummer is with the National Weather Service’s Missouri River Basin Forecast Center. He talks about the precipitation which will not let up. Some areas have seen precipitation at 300% of normal.

Now with snow falling in the upper basin, it is going to further complicate matters.

Long-range forecasts, right now, show this wet pattern to stay with us into 2020 when the first flood forecasts come out for the river basin.

In flood-damaged regions, this is certainly not welcome news. It adds to anxiety for people just trying to put their lives back together. It also puts pressure on the Army Corps of Engineers to do everything in their power to protect the residents while doing flood control.