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Five-year exemption sought for livestock haulers

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Rempel, Favel Livestock Hauler (https://www.flickr.com/photos/jr-transport/5894901830)

Livestock is not your typical cargo. Unlike boxes, it needs access to food and water. Boxes don’t have health issues which arise if they sit too long. Regulations for agricultural trucking have been a topic of debate for some time. Where are things at now?

Agriculture groups are asking for a five-year exemption from the hours of service regulations which truckers are subject to. American Farm Bureau’s Andrew Walmsley says there are factors which affect living cargo, which does not affect boxes.

A petition has been sent requesting a change to the hours of duty and drive time requirements for livestock, fish, and bee haulers.

eThe petition also calls for increases to training for fatigue awareness. This is a key concern which opponents to the changes have.