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FFA President shares Ag’s message on National Ag Day

Courtesy of the National FFA Organization

Advocation for agriculture is something we all need to be thinking about. More and more farmers have had to be on the defensive about one topic or another. More than once it has been discussed that producers need to make their voice heard as well. Who do you want telling agriculture’s story?

As the country celebrates National Ag Week, we look at the work being done by the Ag leaders of tomorrow. FFA National President Luke O’Leary took the opportunity to spread the message of agriculture to school children in Maryland.

We make the jokes all the time on social media posts. Citing the fact people just think that without farmers they can go to their grocery stores, where they think the food is made, and get more. Sadly, this is really a thought process for some.

O’ Leary also talked with legislators in Washington, D.C. He discussed with them how Ag education is preparing young people to fill the agriculture jobs that are needing talented people.