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Fertilizer enhancer boosts crop development, farmer’s bottomline

Photo Courtesy of Verdesian

Fall is fast approaching, and it’s time for farmers to start thinking about fertilizer applications.

AUDIO: Tim Book, Verdesian

Verdesian spokespersons visited with farmers last week at the 2018 Farm Progress Show. From fertilizer enhancers to nitrogen management technology, Verdesian employees made sure farmers were prepared for post-harvest. Verdesian technical sales representative Tim Book says his company spent time educating growers on making phosphorus more available.

“We also want to get phosphorus into the plant instead of potentially losing it to the environment. As we all know, we want to keep our drinking water clean and lower the amount of phosphorus that is being discharged (into) our rivers,” Book said. “Avail® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer is going to help mitigate some of those stresses.”

Book makes note of phosphorus’s absence early in the growing season, when cool, wet soils are common. He talks about how the Avail® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer can give a corn crop the boost it needs.

“Applying Avail when the crop is coming up, you don’t get purple corn syndrome,” Book said. “More phosphorus is available, (and) the plant is taking it up. You typically see a bigger, more aggressive root system and farmers know that root system is the factory below ground that feeds the plant.”

Verdesian reports an additional two kernels per round, on the cob. The extra kernels average out to a 12-percent increase in potential yield, giving farmers a good return on investment.