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FBN provides local access to farm inputs

Farmers Business Network prides itself in “creating unprecedented transparency and competition” by delivering “better yields, lower costs, and smarter marketing.”

The growing farmer network looks to provide another layer of convenience to its customers during the 2020 crop season.

FBN Direct “makes buying inputs simple and affordable.” Whether it be chemicals, fertilizers, or seed, Farmers Business Network helps farmers capture a positive return on investment (ROI), shares Dawn Burroughs, FBN senior account executive and regional manager for Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. She adds FBN Hubs will help growers access products locally.

“Hubs are our way of becoming local in every community that we can – Having a location our farmers can go in, pick up their chem, seed, and not have to wait for it to be shipped,” Burroughs said. “Our members are manning those hubs for us. They’re making sure the farmer that comes in is getting the product they need and in a timely fashion.”

Farmers will not have to drive more than an hour to access their nearest FBN Hub, according to Burroughs. Farmers Business Network staff will help connect members to a FBN Hub.

“We’ll get it all setup for them, get their order, and then let them know how the process works and where they’re going to pick up their chemicals. In most cases, they’re about 35 miles away. They’ll know exactly where they’re going,” Burroughs said.

Farmers Business Network continues to host “kickoff parties” for their hubs. Members and non-members within a 100 mile radius are invited to attend, to learn more how the distribution centers can quickly meet their in-season needs.